Photography has always been my lifelong dream… It all started when I realised the value in capturing a memory and being able to somehow record it and not just have picture in my memory that could fade or be tainted through time.

I grew up in a tight knit family with 3 sisters who are my best friends, our parents were divorced and I found myself lost in photographs of my past using these to hold onto memories that I never wanted to lose.


During high School I found a little photography print store in my neighbourhood and befriended an elderly man who shared the same joy in photography which I did, he would assist me with blowing up family portraits or help me develop photos I had taken. I often gave people photos of themselves as birthday gifts … strange gift idea but those who knew me well accepted and appreciated because of the love and art I found enriched in the memory. The idea of a camera phone was absolutely impossible for me to imagine, I could not contain the excitement knowing that I could take photos using a cell phone at any place or time! I learnt photography tactics through small ways by manipulating angles, colour and most of all the use light…

IN 2008,

In 2008 I met Rory, my best friend, partner and love of my life. Rory taught me that the rat race is not okay, we don’t need to settle for mediocre. We have dreams and we need to follow them! With Rory's passion, dedication and determination I aspire to have, no dream is too big or idea too small to pursue.


This sums up our story, Rory and I prefer to meet with our client’s no matter how big or small to engage with you and understand your vision and what you hope to achieve. Although life throws us many curve balls we all still celebrate certain mile stones during a lifetime, whether it is a pregnancy, birth of a child, anniversary, engagement , wedding we all want to capture these moments… that is our job to help you share your story. We are passionate about what we do and want to encourage anyone reading this that you need to start somewhere… it is never too late to live your dream... it is a journey and not a race and the beauty is found in how the story unfolds… I hope you enjoyed our story… stick around for the ride… OneStoryPhotography


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